Author Benefits

Why publish with Diabetic Foot & Ankle (DFA)?

  • Open Access – DFA is free from all access barriers, allowing for the widest possible global dissemination of your work.
  • Automatic deposit in PubMed Central – all articles are automatically deposited in PubMed Central, in compliance with NIH and other funder and institutional policies.
  • Rapid publication process – upon acceptance of your article, you can expect it to be online (officially published) within 3-4 weeks.
  • Retain copyright – you retain copyright and are free to disseminate your article, make copies for any use, and/or deposit in any repository or archive you like.
  • Comply with Open Access policies - DFA complies with funder-based and institutional Open Access policies.
  • Add supplementary material – DFA welcomes data sets, protocols, videos, questionnaires, etc. as supplementary material to your article at no charge. Contact the publisher if you would like to discuss any of these.