Volume 4 (2011)

Review Articles

Rickettsia felis, an emerging flea-transmitted human pathogen Mohammad Yazid Abdad, John Stenos, Stephen Graves
Bats, emerging infectious diseases, and the rabies paradigm revisited Ivan V. Kuzmin, Brooke Bozick, Sarah A. Guagliardo, Rebekah Kunkel, Joshua R. Shak, Suxiang Tong, Charles E. Rupprecht
Environmental risk factors for autism Rodney R. Dietert, Janice M. Dietert, Jamie C. DeWitt

Original Research Articles

Use of media and public-domain Internet sources for detection and assessment of plant health threats Carla S. Thomas, Noele P. Nelson, Gary C. Jahn, Tianchan Niu, David M. Hartley
Impact of open manganese mines on the health of children dwelling in the surrounding area Ykateryna D. Duka, Svetlana I. Ilchenko, Mykola M. Kharytonov, Tetyana L. Vasylyeva
Automated detection of influenza-like illness using clinical surveillance markers at a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center Lawrence P. Park, Supriya Rao, Scott A. Nabity, David Abbott, Joyce Frederick, Christopher W. Woods
Deficient crisis-probing practices and taken-for-granted assumptions in health organisations Deon V. Canyon, Ashmita Adhikari, Thomas Cordery, Philippe Giguére-Simmonds, Jessica Huang, Helen Nguyen, Michael Watson, Daniel Yang