Thematic cluster on migration, nutrition and health
In 2012, Food & Nutrition Research will publish a series of papers clustered around the theme Nutrition and health among immigrants in Europe from low-income countries. Because the increase in the prevalence of diabetes in some immigrant groups (especially those from South Asia) is of great concern in many countries, there will be a special focus on this problem area.

Professor Margareta Wandel at the Department of Nutrition, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo, Norway, will be the guest editor of the cluster. Three invited review papers on the following topics will form the core of the cluster:

1. Overview of diabetes trends in immigrant populations in Europe and possible causes, with special focus on nutrition
2. Dysglycemia and obesity in pregnancy - health consequences that may affect immigrants from low income countries
3. Changes in food habits after migration – consequences for health

We herewith announce an open call for original research articles from research projects on these and related topics, as well as additional review papers. Please check the Author Instructions here.