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AMAP assessment 2015: human health in the Arctic Jon Øyvind Odland, Shawn Donaldson, Alexey Dudarev, Anders Carlsen
Overview of ongoing cohort and dietary studies in the Arctic Pál Weihe, Peter Bjerregaard, Eva Bonefeld-Jørgensen, Alexey Dudarev, Jónrit Halling, Solrunn Hansen, Gina Muckle, Therese Nøst, Jon Øyvind Odland, Maria Skaalum Petersen, Arja Rautio, Anna Sofía Veyhe, Maria Wennberg, Ingvar Bergdahl
Levels and trends of contaminants in humans of the Arctic Jennifer Gibson, Bryan Adlard, Kristín Olafsdottir, Torkjel Manning Sandanger, Jon Øyvind Odland
Health effects associated with measured levels of contaminants in the Arctic Pál Weihe, Fróði Debes, Jónrit Halling, Maria Skaalum Petersen1, Gina Muckle, Jon Øyvind Odland, Alexey Dudarev, Pierre Ayotte, Éric Dewailly, Philippe Grandjean, Eva Bonefeld-Jørgensen
New approaches in human health risk assessment Khaled Abass, Anders Carlsen, Arja Rautio
An update on risk communication in the Arctic Eva-Maria Krümmel, Andrew Gilman
Adaptation in Arctic circumpolar communities: food and water security in a changing climate James Berner, Michael Brubaker, Boris Revitch, Eva Kruemmel, Moses Tcheripanoff, Jake Bell
Overview of human health in the Arctic: conclusions and recommendations Shawn Donaldson, Bryan Adlard, Jon Øyvind Odland
Key indicators of obstetric and neonatal care in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Tatyana E. Burtseva, Jon Øyvind Odland, Natalya I. Douglas, Antonina N. Grigoreva, Tatyana Y. Pavlova, Dgulustan A. Chichahov, Lena N. Afanasieva, Nurguyana S. Baisheva, Yana G. Rad, Mikhail I. Tomsky, Vitaly A. Postoev
A review of protective factors and causal mechanisms that enhance the mental health of Indigenous Circumpolar youth Joanna Petrasek MacDonald, James D. Ford, Ashlee Cunsolo Willox, Nancy A. Ross
Caring for Alaska Native prostate cancer survivors in primary care: a survey of Alaska Tribal Health System providers Jon C. Tilburt, Stacy Kelley, Christine A. DeCourtney, Katherine M. Humeniuk, Jerilyn Latini, Simon P. Kim
The skin in the cold Eero Lehmuskallio, Juhani Hassi, Päivi Kettunen
Otitis media and hearing loss among 12-16-year-old Inuit of Inukjuak, Quebec, Canada Hannah Ayukawa, Suzanne Bruneau, Jean-François Proulx, Judy Macarthur, James Baxter
The impact of Action Schools! BC on the health of Aboriginal children and youth living in rural and remote communities in British Columbia Dona Tomlin, P. J. Naylor, Heather McKay, Alexandra Zorzi, Marc Mitchell, Constadina Panagiotopoulos
Sharing results from complex disease genetics studies: a community based participatory research approach Bert B. Boyer, Gerald V. Mohatt, Renee L. Pasker, Elaine M. Drew, Kathleen K. McGlone
Climate change and infectious diseases in the Arctic: establishment of a circumpolar working group Alan J. Parkinson, Birgitta Evengard, Jan C. Semenza, Nicholas Ogden, Malene L. Børresen, Jim Berner, Michael Brubaker, Anders Sjöstedt, Magnus Evander, David M. Hondula, Bettina Menne, Natalia Pshenichnaya, Prabhu Gounder, Tricia Larose, Boris Revich, Karsten Hueffer, Ann Albihn
Unintentional injuries among children and adolescents in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities, newfoundland and labrador, Canada Reza Alaghehbandan, Khokan C. Sikdar, Don MacDonald, Kayla D. Collins, Annette M. Rossignol


Posted 2016-06-21
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