Call for Papers — The New Nordic? A critical examination


The New Nordic kitchen including ramson, seaweed, raw fish and turbot roe. Nordic Noir with TV-series such as The Killing, Borgen, Wallander and The Bridge and novels by Jo Nesbø, Jussi Adler- Olsen, Stieg Larsson, and many others.

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”Visual Frictions” Call for papers – deadline 15 April 2015

Visuality is an increasingly contested phenomenon. Rarely stable and never ”pure”, the visual is always intertwined with other senses and expressive forms, and is often implicated in multiple power relations. Whether as part of social and cultural practices, or as utilized in social scientific inquiry and investigation, the visual exerts a power that continues to challenge and be challenged by other ways of knowing. This is especially apparent when we consider visuality in its digital manifestations; as visually-based media expand their purview across social, cultural and geographic space we find they are often in ”friction” with established norms, structures and modes of expression.  
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