Call for Papers — The New Nordic? A critical examination

The New Nordic kitchen including ramson, seaweed, raw fish and turbot roe. Nordic Noir with TV-series such as The Killing, Borgen, Wallander and The Bridge and novels by Jo Nesbø, Jussi Adler- Olsen, Stieg Larsson, and many others.

Livable architecture and sustainable Nordic design. And on top of it, Scandinavian countries lead the world in happiness surveys. It seems like the whole world is embracing, loving and worshipping “the New Nordic” these years. Art museums like Louisiana curate exhibitions entitled “New Nordic”, community administrations hold theme conferences on “New Nordic Welfare”, and “New Nordic Hair Volume” is a Swedish hair tablet that nourishes your hair from the inside to make it healthy and beautiful. “The New Nordic” is indeed an important brand encouraged by entertainment and tourism industries in the Nordic countries.

But is there such a thing as “the New Nordic”? And if so; what exactly is it? Is it more than a smart brand? What is the history behind the concept? When did we start to talk about it, and does it have the same connotations across media, countries and genres?

The Journal of Aesthetics & Culture invites contributions that not only identify specific Nordic themes, currents and fashions in arts and culture, but also critically discuss “The New Nordic” as a discourse seen from within and/or from outside the Nordic countries.


Journal website:

Article length: Text-based articles should not exceed 6,000 words. For submissions based primarily on visual material, a shorter text is required – a maximum of 2,000 words.

Deadline for submissions: November 1st 2015

Expected publication: April 2016

Evaluation: Double blind peer review

Publication fee: None

Questions? Please contact Lars Gustaf Andersson or Mette Sandbye, Editors