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The International Society for Extracellular Vesicles launches the first massive open online course on extracellular vesicles Cecilia Lässer, Clotilde Théry, Edit I. Buzás, Suresh Mathivanan, Weian Zhao, Yong Song Gho, Jan Lötvall
High-resolution proteomic and lipidomic analysis of exosomes and microvesicles from different cell sources Reka A. Haraszti, Marie-Cecile Didiot, Ellen Sapp, John Leszyk, Scott A. Shaffer, Hannah E. Rockwell, Fei Gao, Niven R. Narain, Marian DiFiglia, Michael A. Kiebish, Neil Aronin, Anastasia Khvorova
Techniques used for the isolation and characterization of extracellular vesicles: results of a worldwide survey Chris Gardiner, Dolores Di Vizio, Susmita Sahoo, Clotilde Théry, Kenneth W. Witwer, Marca Wauben, Andrew F. Hill
Presence of Cx43 in extracellular vesicles reduces the cardiotoxicity of the anti-tumour therapeutic approach with doxorubicin Tania Martins-Marques, Maria Joao Pinho, Monica Zuzarte, Carla Oliveira, Paulo Pereira, Joost P. G. Sluijter, Celia Gomes, Henrique Girao
A standardized method to determine the concentration of extracellular vesicles using tunable resistive pulse sensing Robert Vogel, Frank A. W. Coumans, Raluca G. Maltesen, Anita N. Bӧing, Katherine E. Bonnington, Marike L. Broekman, Murray F. Broom, Edit I. Buzás, Gunna Christiansen, Najat Hajji, Søren R. Kristensen, Meta J. Kuehn, Sigrid M. Lund, Sybren L. N. Maas, Rienk Nieuwland, Xabier Osteikoetxea, Rosalie Schnoor, Benjamin J. Scicluna, Mitch Shambrook, Jeroen de Vrij, Stephen I. Mann, Andrew F. Hill, Shona Pedersen
Oncosomes - large and small: what are they, where they came from? Brian Meehan, Janusz Rak, Dolores Di Vizio
Extracellular vesicles are present in mouse lymph and their level differs in atherosclerosis Andreea Milasan, Nicolas Tessandier, Sisareuth Tan, Alain Brisson, Eric Boilard, Catherine Martel
miRNA profiling of circulating EpCAM+ extracellular vesicles: promising biomarkers of colorectal cancer Marie Stampe Ostenfeld, Steffen Grann Jensen, Dennis Kjølhede Jeppesen, Lise-Lotte Christensen, Stine Buch Thorsen, Jan Stenvang, Michael Lykke Hvam, Anni Thomsen, Peter Mouritzen, Mads Heilskov Rasmussen, Hans Jørgen Nielsen, Torben Falck Ørntoft, Claus Lindbjerg Andersen
Development of a rapid lateral flow immunoassay test for detection of exosomes previously enriched from cell culture medium and body fluids Myriam Oliveira-Rodríguez, Sheila López-Cobo, Hugh T. Reyburn, Agustín Costa-García, Soraya López-Martín, María Yáñez-Mo, Eva Cernuda-Morollón, Annette Paschen, Mar Valés-Gómez, Maria Carmen Blanco-López
Synovial fluid pretreatment with hyaluronidase facilitates isolation of CD44+ extracellular vesicles Janneke Boere, Chris H. A. van de Lest, Sten F. W. M. Libregts, Ger J. A. Arkesteijn, Willie J. C. Geerts, Esther N. M. Nolte-'t Hoen, Jos Malda, P. René van Weeren, Marca H. M. Wauben

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