Publication Fees

The publication of an article in Medical Education Online incurs a charge of EUR 1400, excl. VAT (Europe), USD 1500 (rest of the world) for up to 8 pages. The charge per page over 8 is EUR 65/USD 75.

The publication of a Short Communication published in Medical Education Online incurs a charge of EUR 820 excl. VAT (Europe), or USD 875 (rest of the world) for up to 4 pages. The charge per page over 4 is EUR 65/USD 75. Short Communications may not exceed 6 pages.

Letters to the Editor and Meeting Reports of no more than 2 typeset pages incur a charge of EUR 420/USD 450. The charge per page over 2 is EUR 65/USD 75. Letters to the Editor and Meeting Reports may not exceed 3 pages.

The author's university or institution may cover the publication costs for articles resulting from research undertaken at the university or institution; or money may have been earmarked in the grant or stipend the author has received to be able to carry out the research. For a list of OA-friendly universities and funders, please check here. Additional information on how to claim reimbursement/support for publication fees can be found here.

The total sum will be charged to the author(s) upon acceptance of his/her article. It is the publication year that governs the publication fee, not the submission year.

Publication fees may be waived for authors from developing countries whose institution suffer financial hardship. The ability of authors to pay remains unknown to the Editors prior to acceptance or rejection of their article.

The fee is only charged for manuscripts accepted for publication.

WAIVER POLICY - please see here.

WITHDRAWAL OF MANUSCRIPT If you withdraw your manuscript after it has been peer reviewed, or after it has been typeset (but not yet published) you will be charged according to the following:

For peer review: EUR 250/USD 290 per article
For peer review and typesetting: EUR 475/USD 565 per article