Publication Fees

The Open Access model used for Nano Reviews & Experiments implies that production costs are mainly covered by publication fees. We strive to keep publication fees at a minimum. Commissioned Review Articles and Perspectives are normally exempt from publication fees but if the author's university or institute officially maintains a central fund to cover costs for Open Access Publishing, or the article describes results from research funded by a Open Access-positive funders, a publication fee will be charged as described below. For a list of universities/institutes and funders supporting Open Access publication, please see this list. Additional information on how to claim reimbursement/support for publication fees can be found here.

The publication of a regular article of up to 8 typeset A4 pages in Nano Reviews & Experiments incurs a charge of EUR 1150 excl. VAT (Europe), or USD 1325 (rest of the world). Articles exceeding 8 typeset pages incur an additional charge of EUR 65/USD 75 per page.

The publication of a Short Communication up to 4 typeset A4 pages published in the nano express and nano highlight sections of Nano Reviews & Experiments incurs a charge of EUR 650, excl. VAT (Europe), or USD 750 (rest of the world). Pages over 4 incur an additional charge of EUR 65/USD 75 per page.

The total sum will be charged to the author(s) upon acceptance of his/her article. It is the publication year that governs the publication fee, not the submission year.

WAIVER POLICY - please see here.

WITHDRAWAL OF MANUSCRIPT If you withdraw your manuscript after it has been peer reviewed, or after it has been typeset (but not yet published) you will be charged according to the following:

For peer review: EUR 250/USD 290 per article
For peer review and typesetting: EUR 475/USD 565 per article