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Multiple morbidities in companion dogs: a novel model for investigating age-related disease Kelly Jin, Jessica M. Hoffman, Kate E. Creevy, Dan G. O'Neill, Daniel E.L. Promislow
Corrigendum Co-Action Publishing
Cardiovascular KATP channels and advanced aging Hua-Qian Yang, Ekaterina Subbotina, Ravichandran Ramasamy, William A. Coetzee
Grip strength is potentially an early indicator of agerelated decline in mice Xuan Ge, Anthony Cho, Marcia A. Ciol, Christina Pettan-Brewer, Jessica Snyder, Peter Rabinovitch, Warren Ladiges
Neuropathological assessment and validation of mouse models for Alzheimer’s disease: applying NIA-AA guidelines C. Dirk Keene, Martin Darvas, Brian Kraemer, Denny Liggitt, Christina Sigurdson, Warren Ladiges
Adaptations to chronic rapamycin in mice Sherry G. Dodds, Carolina B. Livi, Manish Parihar, Hang-Kai Hsu, Adriana D. Benavides, Jay Morris, Martin Javors, Randy Strong, Barbara Christy, Paul Hasty, Zelton Dave Sharp

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