Author Benefits

WHY PUBLISH WITH Polar Research?

  • Open accessPolar Research publishes your work free from all access barriers, allowing for global distribution. Since the beginning of 2011, when Polar Research became an open-access journal, its articles have been accessed online over 100,000 times.

  • Retain copyright – you retain the non-commercial copyright to your article and are free to disseminate it, make copies, deposit it in any repository, and more.

  • Indexing – once published, your article will be comprehensively indexed in the foremost international databases.

  • Post-publication statistics – article metrics shown with each article make it easy to check how often your paper is being viewed and downloaded via Polar Research's website and how often it is being mentioned and shared through various social media.

  • Comply with archiving policies – you can deposit any version of your paper in any required repository or archive, or post articles to your personal or institutional website.

  • Add supplementary material – you can add data sets, protocols, videos, questionnaires etc. to your article.

  • Polar Research is registered in ZooBank – electronic-only publication of nomenclatural acts is now permited by the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. Registration should take place before publication: see instructions here.