Volume 11 (2016)


Challenging the ADHD consensus Soly Erlandsson, Elisabeth Punzi
Two new Editors! Carina Berterö

Empirical Studies

Setting the stage for health: Salutogenesis in midwifery professional knowledge in three European countries Claudia Meier Magistretti, Soo Downe, Bengt Lindstrøm, Marie Berg, Katharina Tritten-Schwarz
Illness narratives of people who are homeless Cecilia Håkanson, Joakim Öhlén
Patient participation in palliative care decisions: An ethnographic discourse analysis Emmanuelle Bélanger, Charo Rodríguez, Danielle Groleau, France Légaré, Mary Ellen Macdonald, Robert Marchand
Exploring beliefs around physical activity among older adults in rural Canada Laurie Schmidt, Gwen Rempel, Terra C. Murray, Tara-Leigh McHugh, Jeff K. Vallance
Acquisition of extended spectrum β-lactamases during travel abroad - A qualitative study among Swedish traveller Susanne Wiklund, Ingegerd Fagerberg, Åke Örtqvist, Kristina Broliden, Ann Tammelin
A mixed methods study of Canadian adolescents’ perceptions of health Valerie Michaelson, William Pickett, Eleanor Vandermeer, Brian Taylor, Colleen Davison
The experiences of patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy in facing and learning about their clinical conditions Haruo Fujino, Yuko Iwata, Toshio Saito, Tsuyoshi Matsumura, Harutoshi Fujimura, Osamu Imura
Serious engagement in sport and health benefits among Korean immigrants in the USA Junhyoung Kim, May Kim, Karla A. Henderson, Areum Han, Sehyuk Park
Researcher-researched relationship in qualitative research: Shifts in positions and researcher vulnerability Målfrid Råheim, Liv Heide Magnussen, Ragnhild Johanne Tveit Sekse, Åshild Lunde, Torild Jacobsen, Astrid Blystad
Contribution of the patient-horse relationship to substance use disorder treatment: Patients’ experiences Ann Kern-Godal, Ida H. Brenna, Norunn Kogstad, Espen A. Arnevik, Edle Ravndal
Striving for meaning - Life in supported housing for people with psychiatric disabilities Rosita Brolin, David Brunt, Mikael Rask, Susanne Syrén, Anna Sandgren
Living well to the end: A phenomenological analysis of life in extra care housing Rachel L. Shaw, Karen West, Barbara Hagger, Carol A. Holland
Tailoring the delivery of cancer diagnosis to adolescent and young adult patients displaying strong emotions: An observational study of two cases Live Korsvold, Hanne Cathrine Lie, Anneli Viktoria Mellblom, Ellen Ruud, Jon Håvard Loge, Arnstein Finset
Nurses’ perspective of conducting family conversation Åsa Dorell, Ulrika Östlund, Karin Sundin
Business-life balance and wellbeing: Exploring the lived experiences of women in a low-to-middle income country Dorothy I. Ugwu, Charles T. Orjiakor, Ibeawuchi K. Enwereuzor, Christiana C. Onyedibe, Leonard I. Ugwu
Self and identity in women with symptoms of borderline personality: A qualitative study Gillian Agnew, Ciarán Shannon, Tina Ryan, Lesley Storey, Catherine McDonnell
Healthy ageing in Isan-Thai culture - A phenomenographic study based on older persons’ lived experiences Pornpun Manasatchakun, Pleumjit Chotiga, Åsa Roxberg, Margareta Asp
A shared respite - The meaning of place for family well-being in families living with chronic illness Liselott Årestedt, Eva Benzein, Carina Persson, Margareta Rämgård
Bringing Antonovsky’s salutogenic theory to life: A qualitative inquiry into the experiences of young people with congenital heart disease Silke Apers, Jesscia Rassart, Koen Luyckx, Leen Oris, Eva Goossens, Werner Budts, Philip Moons
The lived experiences of resilience in Iranian adolescents living in residential care facilities: A hermeneutic phenomenological study Manijeh Nourian, Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahbolaghi, Kian Nourozi Tabrizi, Maryam Rassouli, Akbar Biglarrian
Colorectal cancer prevention: Perspectives of key players from social networks in a low-income rural US region Nancy E. Schoenberg, Kathryn Eddens, Adam Jonas, Claire Snell-Rood, Christina R. Studts, Benjamin Broder-Oldach, Mira L. Katz
Postoperative wound infections after a proctectomy—Patient experiences Karin Hassel, Kristin Andersson, Inga-Lill Koinberg, Berith Wennström

Philosophical Papers

Ecological caring - Revisiting the original ideas of caring science Helena Dahlberg, Albertine Ranheim, Karin Dahlberg

Empirical/theorethical Studies

Systemic aspects of conjugal resilience in couples with a child facing cancer and marrow transplantation Julie Martin, Katherine Péloquin, Marie-France Vachon, Michel Duval, Serge Sultan
Pulled in or pushed out? Understanding the complexities of motivation for alternative therapies use in Ghana Razak Mohammed Gyasi, Felix Asante, Joseph Yaw Yeboah, Kabila Abass, Charlotte Monica Mensah, Lawrencia Pokuah Siaw

Special Issue - Health and well-being in social sciences