Manuscripts: For this special issue of Vulnerable Groups & Inclusion we seek manuscripts that focus on the challenges for individuals, employers and policymakers in reconciling work and eldercare in later life. In particular, we seek manuscripts that address issues surrounding the provision of flexible work practices that enable older workers with eldercare responsibilities to maintain health and remain in the workforce for longer. We also seek manuscripts that highlight the challenges of particularly vulnerable groups such as carers in rural and isolated communities.  Manuscripts focusing on the role of gender in the provision of care within the context of changing family structures are also sought. These manuscripts should be based on empirical research.

Overall, we hope to publish a special issue that increases the knowledge of the impact of eldercare on working older adults and that highlights the ways in which individuals, organisations and governments can successfully respond to future challenges.

Guest Editor: Fiona Alpass, Massey University, New Zealand, to whom enquiries about this special issue should be sent at

Timeline: The submission process will consist of two stages:

The first stage involves the submission of preliminary abstracts that outline full manuscripts to be submitted. DEADLINE FOR ABSTRACT IS NOVEMBER 20th, 2013. The editor will review the abstracts and invite authors who meet the criteria for the special issue to submit full manuscripts.

The second stage involves invited authors submitting their manuscript for the special issue. DEADLINE FOR FULL PAPER IS SEPTEMBER 30th, 2014. The normal process of submitting manuscripts to the journal and peer reviewing will apply. Submission at stage two does not guarantee that the submitted manuscript will be accepted. 

How to submit:

Abstract  Please submit your abstract to the Guest Editor, Fiona Alpass, at

Full paper  The instructions for authors can be found here. Please submit your work via the journal’s website (

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Waivers We offer a complete or partial fee waiver on a case-by-case basis for individual authors or author groups from developing parts of the world, who do not have funds to cover publication fees. Please mail your request for a waiver to before submission of your manuscript.