Volume 68 (2016)

Dynamic meteorology

The relationship between Indian summer monsoon rainfall and Atlantic multidecadal variability over the last 500 years Syam Sankar, Lea Svendsen, Bindu Gokulapalan, Porathur Vareed Joseph, Ola M. Johannessen
What does the APO mean? Yafei Wang, Anthony R. Lupo
Evaluation of downscaled wind speeds and parameterised gusts for recent and historical windstorms in Switzerland Peter Stucki, Silke Dierer, Christoph Welker, Juan José Gómez-Navarro, Christoph C. Raible, Olivia Martius, Stefan Brönnimann
Modelling economic losses of historic and present-day high-impact winter windstorms in Switzerland Christoph Welker, Olivia Martius, Peter Stucki, David Bresch, Silke Dierer, Stefan Brönnimann

Data assimilation and predictability

Parametric Kalman filter for chemical transport models Olivier Pannekoucke, Sophie Ricci, Sebastien Barthelemy, Richard Ménard, Olivier Thual
Internal variability of a 3-D ocean model Bjarne Büchmann, Johan Söderkvist
Multistep variational data assimilation: important issues and a spectral approach Qin Xu, Li Wei, Jidong Gao, Qingyun Zhao, Kang Nai, Shun Liu
High-resolution precipitation re-analysis system for climatological purposes Cornel Soci, Eric Bazile, François Besson, Tomas Landelius
A multiple length scale correlation operator for ocean data assimilation Isabelle Mirouze, Edward W. Blockley, Daniel J. Lea, Matthew J. Martin, Michael J. Bell
A systematic method of parameterisation estimation using data assimilation Matthew Lang, Peter Jan Van Leeuwen, Philip Browne

Numerical weather prediction

Climate dynamics and climate modelling

Flow-dependent assimilation of sea surface temperature in isopycnal coordinates with the Norwegian Climate Prediction Model François Counillon, Noel Keenlyside, Ingo Bethke, Yiguo Wang, Sebastien Billeau, Mao Lin Shen, Mats Bentsen
Arctic amplification: does it impact the polar jet stream? Valentin P. Meleshko, Ola M. Johannessen, Andrey V. Baidin, Tatiana V. Pavlova, Veronika A. Govorkova
Assessing atmospheric temperature data sets for climate studies Magnus Cederlöf, Lennart Bengtsson, Kevin I. Hodges
Tropical cyclones in the GISS ModelE2 Suzana J. Camargo, Adam H. Sobel, Anthony D. DelGenio, Jeffrey A. Jonas, Maxwell Kelley, Yun Lu, Daniel A. Shaevitz, Naomi Henderson
Surface air temperature variability and trends in the Arctic: new amplification assessment and regionalisation Ola M. Johannessen, Svetlana I. Kuzmina, Leonid P. Bobylev, Martin W. Miles
Decadal predictability of regional scale wind speed and wind energy potentials over Central Europe Julia Moemken, Mark Reyers, Benjamin Buldmann, Joaquim G. Pinto
Recent changes in winter Arctic clouds and their relationships with sea ice and atmospheric conditions Sang-Yoon Jun, Chang-Hoi Ho, Jee-Hoon Jeong, Yong-Sang Choi, Baek-Min Kim
The impact of climate change on the Iberian low-level wind jet: EURO-CORDEX regional climate simulation Rita M. Cardoso, Pedro M. Soares, Daniela C. A. Lima, Alvaro Semedo

Short Contributions

Thematic cluster: Parameterization of lakes in numerical weather prediction and climate models

The impact of meteorological conditions on snow and ice thickness in an Arctic lake Lixin Wei, Xiaohua Deng, Bin Cheng, Timo Vihma, Henna-Reetta Hannula, Ting Qin, Jouni Pulliainen
Atmospheric electrical field measurements near a fresh water reservoir and the formation of the lake breeze Francisco Lopes, Hugo Gonçalves Silva, Rui Salgado, Miguel Potes, Keri A. Nicoll, R. Giles Harrison

Thematic cl.: Towards regional climate system modeling for the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea and Arctic Ocean

Thematic Cluster: Intercomparison of Mid-Latitude Storm Diagnostics

Robustness of serial clustering of extratropical cyclones to the choice of tracking method Joaquim G. Pinto, Sven Ulbrich, Theodoros Economou, David B. Stephenson, Melanie K. Karremann, Len C. Shaffrey
Objective climatology of cyclones in the Mediterranean region: a consensus view among methods with different system identification and tracking criteria Piero Lionello, Isabel F. Trigo, Victoria Gil, Margarida L.R. Liberato, Katrin M. Nissen, Joaquim G. Pinto, Christoph C. Raible, Marco Reale, Annalisa Tanzarella, Ricardo M. Trigo, Sven Ulbrich, Uwe Ulbrich

The Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation in a global perspective

How northern freshwater input can stabilise thermohaline circulation Erwin Lambert, Tor Eldevik, Peter M. Haugan