Author Benefits


  • Full indexing– The Journal is widely indexed with all leading services, including Web of Science Science Citation Index.
  • Open AccessTellus B applies stringent peer review and publishes all articles free from access barriers, allowing for global dissemination of your work.
  • Rapid publication process–after submission, the response time for completion of a peer review is on average 50 days.  Upon acceptance of your article, you can expect your work to be published online within 3-4 weeks, immediately after the proofs have been finalized.
  • Enrich your paper – data sets, and multi-media files as well as additional color illustrations can be posted with your article free of charge.
  • Retain copyright – you retain the full copyright to your article and are free to copy it for educational purposes, disseminate it, or post it on any website.
  • Comply with archiving policies – you can deposit any version of your manuscript in any required repository or archive.
  • Post-publication statistics – after publication, you will regularly receive updates on the number of full-text views and citations of your paper.
  • Personal service Tellus B is published by a small yet global Open Access publisher dedicated to providing excellent service to authors.
  • Flexible Thematic cluster (Special Issue) process available - Following successful review, individual papers are processed normally and published immediately or as requested. They will be presented under a specific heading on the home page.  A printed version can be made available upon request and payment of printing costs.